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Education Programs

Education programs:

Come explore one of the largest wilderness areas in Washington, DC!

Living Classrooms offers educational programming for grades pre-K through 12th, Boy and Girl Scouts, and corporate groups. Participants are encouraged to get curious about nature and explore the variety of ecosystems using a hands-on approach. Each program builds a connection to nature and an applied understanding of STEM concepts. 

Please note- these study areas can be customized to teach a connective theme, target specific age groups and classroom lesson plans.


Habitat Hunters

Explore the diversity of habitats on Kingman and Heritage Islands or concentrate on one ecosystem.     

-Anacostia River         -Freshwater tidal wetlands                                                    -Forests             -Meadows          -seasonal pools



Canoe Trips/Clinic

Paddle with our experienced staff on a tour of the Anacostia River and wetlands in Kingman Lake.


Habitat Restoration

Help beautify and improve the ecology of Kingman and Heritage Islands by participating in one of the following programs:                                                                        -Native Planting                                                    -Invasive Removal                                                 -Trash Cleanup

Girl With Fish.png

Ancestral Knowledge


Become one with nature and foster team building by learning survival skills like:

-Navigation                -Knots

-Fishing                      -Shelter Building

-Group Challenges




Spotlight Activities

-Mollusk or Fish Dissection

-Water Quality Testing

-Invertebrate Investigation



For any questions regarding the Kingman and Heritage Islands Park, events educational programming, or volunteer opportunities, please contact Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region.

Website: Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region


Living Classrooms Phone: (202) 488-0627 ext. 232