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Education Programs

Education programs:

Come explore one of the largest wilderness areas in Washington, DC! Living Classrooms offers educational programming for grades pre-K through 12th. Educators, community leaders and non-profit organizations can pick from one or more of the following themes to create the perfect outdoor experience for their students.


Animal Ecology, Forest Ecology, Freshwater Ecology, Team Building, Orienteering/Survival Skills, Nature Observation, and Restoration

Animal Ecology: Introduce your students to the local wildlife on the island. Students learn about taxonomy, adaptations, invasive species, and so much more. Students participate in biological surveys, scavenger hunts, and other experiential activities designed to connect students to their environment.

Forest Ecology: Students learn about riparian forests and the benefits they have on their local watershed. Students look at the anatomy of a tree and learn how to identify different species while hiking diverse trails. Students explore what is found in a forest ecosystem and look at how biotic and abiotic factors interact.

Freshwater Ecology: Explore the health of our watershed by learning about the different factors that affect our rivers. Students learn how to conduct water quality data assessments and marco-invertebrate surveys to assess the health of the Anacostia River.

Team Building: Learn how to work as a team by completing challenges around the island. These activities force each team to look at the strengths of the individual and how those strengths will help the team move on to the next challenge.

Orienteering/Survival Skills:  Lean basic navigation skills while completing an orienteering course across the island in orienteering. Learn basic wilderness survival skills while competing against other groups to survive different challenges.

Nature Observation: This theme looks at appreciating nature in a new light. Students get down and dirty as they navigate an ant travel, explore the diversity of nature as they fun colors, and dabble in some nature art as you improve your observation skills.

Restoration: Throughout the year we are working on a variety of restoration projects. Projects include invasive species removal, river bank restoration, meadow and riparian habitat restoration, and many more.


For any questions regarding the Kingman and Heritage Islands Park, events educational programming, or volunteer opportunities, please contact Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region.

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