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Park Rules and Procedures

park rules and procedures:

Please stay on trails at all times. 

Please be mindful of park plants and wildlife. Some plants and animals found in the park can present dangers to visitors’ safety and health.  Please take the appropriate precautions to avoid potential problems.

Note: Poison Ivy is prevalent in the park and near walking trails.
Take care to avoid touching this plant, which can cause an allergic reaction.

Mosquitoes are found in the park and can bite, as well as carry disease. Remember to apply insect repellent to protect yourself from these insects.

Please do not harass wildlife.

Please put all trash and recycling in appropriate waste bins.

No Swimming. Swimming is prohibited in the Anacostia River for the safety of visitors due to the many dangers associated with the river’s health.

No Ice Skating. Ice Skating is prohibited in the park.

No Hunting. Hunting is not permitted on park property.

No Camping. No admittance to park property outside regular operating hours. 

No Open Fires. Fires are prohibited in all areas of the park. Grilling is also prohibited in the park.

No Alcohol or Drugs. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited from park property. We are a DRUG FREE ZONE